Youth Support

So what are we doing Now?

Youth Support is continuing to provide assessment and outreach services plus treatment and counselling programmes tailored to the individual case.

We are now also seeing more young refugees and unaccompanied minors some of whom have had harrowing experiences on their way to safety. We have held Drama, Music and Art workshops for young Asylum seekers which formed the basis for our award winning film 'Asylum'  (see film site). The film will be followed by 'A Safe Place' about children in Afghanistan. Our Latest initiative is to provide  Services in Afghanistan including maternity and child health services and help for addiction as well as safe houses to help prevent the need for children to become refugees.

Research data for a blind study of age assessment obtained in the field in Afghanistan has been analysed with the division of adolescent medicine at Childrens hospital Los Angeles and preliminary results published and presented at Society for Adolescent Medicine and Health.

Our work in Jamaica continues and the education project has allowed one of our youth leaders Omar Richards to obtain a university degree in journalism and trust this success will provide a positive messages to young people. Omar has done very well in rising above his difficult background as a youth in a very deprived and violent part of Kingston and is setting a wonderful example having won awards in every field imaginable including being praised as the best Student president and Student governor at Lambeth College.   Omar is now leading our new division 'The Voice of Youth' giving disenfranchised young people the opportunity to express themselves through radio.

Of course one of the major aspects of our interactive youth work has been our creative and drama workshops which have continued to flourish at our conferences and Youth Forums under the guidance of Leila Birch.

Publications -b> we continue to produce our books but also have an onon line literature service   Gift from Youth Support.

An exciting development has also been in media - we have produced several videos and films through our media division which has a youtube channel.

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