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Fees and charges



Schedule of Fees and Charges – January 2016

(Refugee and Asylum seekers – see separate list)

Please note that the fees are subject to periodic review and are therefore subject to change at short notice.  Every effort will be made to advise clients in advance should this happen. The current fees list is in compliance with the LSC approved rates for publicly funded cases.  For private cases please enquire.

Assessment and Treatment

Assessment Interviews        £216 per session (approx 2 hours)

Sessions longer than two hours charge at £108 per hour or part of an hour.

Psychotherapy / Treatment  -  £108 per session (1 hour)

[please note that for self referral psychotherapy where the client is paying themselves we operate a sliding scale of reductions depending on need]

Outreach and Community work

Outreach Work £575 per day (5 hours)

Night outreach £575 per night

Staff on call at night for outreach supervision £300 per night (if called out £575)

Supervised Access/ Contact

Supervised by our staff £200 per 2 hour session

(please note this does not constitute observation - if assessment of the contact is required this is charged at our £108 / hour rate)

Legal and Court work

Report reading and preparation  £108 / hour

Report writing £108/ hour   (please be advised that on average ‘paper review’ of court bundle, reports and statements plus reporting takes 12 hours)

Court attendance £750 per day or part plus travel and expenses

Interviews and visits at £108 per hour plus traveling time at £40/ hr

Attendance at case conferences and meetings £108 per hour plus travel. (NB This includes charges for Experts Meetings and telephone conference)